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UnRegular is a boutique government relations consultancy, providing regulatory affairs and strategic consulting services to multinational corporations operating in Israel.


We deliver high-value and high-impact services to our clients by integrating our wealth of knowledge and deep understanding of governmental decision-making processes gained over four decades of combined advocacy experience in the Israeli public sector.

Our vast experience in interfacing with both the public and private sectors and bridging between them, alongside our creative thinking and signature professionality, translates into tangible results for our clients.

UnRegular believes in building long-term relationships with our clients. By familiarizing ourselves with the unique characteristics of each of our clients’ businesses and respective industries we help them reach their desired results.



UnRegular is composed of seasoned professionals with decades of experience in the public policy realm. Our team’s extensive knowledge and unique understanding of government decision-making processes have made us the prime destination for the world’s leading multinational corporations and their government affairs needs in Israel.

Tamar Abramowitz

Tamar Abramowitz, CEO

Strategic consultant and public affairs expert with over two decades of experience in spearheading complex regulatory processes and tackling government affairs challenges and opportunities for leading multinational companies. 

Tamar worked for nearly a decade in senior positions in the Israeli government, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, before moving to the private sector, where she has spent the past 15 years advising both Israeli companies and the world’s top global companies operating in Israel in numerous fields with an emphasis on tech, finance, and communications.

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Tatyana Goberman

Tatyana Goberman, EVP

Government affairs research and analysis specialist, with unique expertise and background in legislative and regulatory processes, having worked with a multitude of leading global corporations.

Tatyana served as an analyst for Israel’s military intelligence and the Central Bank of Israel before moving to the private sector. For the past decade, she has led research projects in a wide range of sectors for multinational companies operating in Israel.

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UnRegular’s services are tailored to each client’s unique government affairs goals.
Our services are crafted based on an in-depth analysis of the particular needs and requirements of each of our clients.

Strategic Regulatory Consulting

Custom-tailored strategic counsel built around the client’s end goals within the regulatory environment and public sphere. After identifying strategic challenges and opportunities, we map out the spectrum of relevant stakeholders in the public domain and outline an effective course of action vis-a-vis each stakeholder in order to best achieve the client’s public affairs objectives. This process is undertaken while factoring in the shifting dynamics in the public sphere, ensuring that the client’s strategy remains adaptive and reactive to ongoing developments.

Government Relations Management

Formulating and leading effective engagement strategies with a range of relevant stakeholders and decision-makers, including government ministries and agencies, municipalities, interest groups, NGOs and academia, based on a thorough stakeholder analysis and ongoing diagnosis of the regulatory landscape.

Regulatory Landscape Analysis

Detailed research and analysis of policy issues, stakeholders mapping, regulatory landscape evaluation, and risk assessment of regulatory impact. This service is designed to assist international corporations considering operating in Israel to gain a better understanding of the country’s regulatory environment and its key influencers alongside the leading trends in regulation.

Public Affairs Research & Analysis

Thorough and timely public and government affairs monitoring, intelligence gathering, and analysis, including comprehensive and immediate issue tracking. Precise political monitoring and surveillance aimed at identifying real-time threats and opportunities within multistage political decision-making processes. Our team interprets and concisely analyzes a range of information – running the gamut from government resources to media and social networks – in order to provide clients with bespoke advice about the issues that matter most to them.

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